Vital Strata Management is a boutique company currently managing Strata schemes throughout Sydney. Our experience in delivering strata management services allows Vital Strata Management to provide a superior level of service within the industry.


As your consultant and advisor on the project, Vital Strata Management will meet your requirements with the following staged approach:


Stage 1 – Project Planning

Ø  Understand your vision for the project and we will provide recommendations on;

-          Titling arrangements

-          Review draft By-laws provided by solicitor

-          Strata Management Statement (SMS) if applicable

Ø  Prepare draft budget and levies for the project

-          Budgets and levies are created with justifiable information

Ø  Facilitate introductions to trusted consultants

Ø  Offer current and emerging best practices to project team such as;

-          Utility arrangement

-          Insurance

-          Onsite services


Stage 2 – Registration planning (3-6 months prior to completion)

Ø  Organise Insurance for property

Ø  Final review of budgets and By-laws

Ø  Conduct tendering for required services (cleaning, building management, landscaping etc.)


Stage 3 – Registration of Strata Plan

Ø  Facilitate Inaugural General Meeting (no later than 14 days after plan registration)

Ø  Engagement of Strata Managing Agent by the Owners Corporation for the inaugural period

Ø  Assist with the collation of hand over documents and establishment of books and records


Stage 4 – Developer controlled Initial period (2-4 weeks following registration)

Ø  Provide information for settlement of apartments including:

-          Section 184 certificates

-          Insurance certificates of currency

Ø  Process any owner applications

Ø  Assist owners and property managers

Ø  Establish utility providers

Ø  engage service providers:

-          Cleaners

-          Landscapers

-          Building Management


Stage 5 – Ongoing operation of Strata Plan

Ø  Update each lots contact details following settlements

Ø  Issue welcome letters to each lot owner

Ø  Organise move ins and additional keys for new owners (with building Manager)

Ø  Issue first strata levy to all owners

Ø  Convene first Annual General Meeting

Ø  Elect Strata Committee

Ø  Re- engage service providers:

-          Cleaners

-          Landscapers

-          Building Management